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“A Darkness Grows — Nico Zazzera ’22

A darkness grows upon that looming hill,
Where beast and man, they seem to be the same.
Those below, they cry with voices shrill,
as those above refuse to feel their shame.

The beasts above, they try to hide their fangs,
they cover them up with their tongues of gold.
The darkness above, overhead it hangs
as many start to feel its bitter cold.

Disgust, it grows among the souls below.
The masks the beasts create begin to slip,
And true nature of their acts, it shows,
and the people see who holds the whip.

The souls below begin to climb and rise
so those above will have to hear their cries.

“We’ve Trapped Ourselves” — Noah Roberson ’22

We’ve trapped ourselves in an ornate vessel
Sparkling like a bottle on the sea 
Filled to the brim with what we wrestle
The loneliest lock that exists without a key

In the back of our minds like a virus unchecked
Drenched from the rain before i have seen the sun 
Exposed to cracks you would never suspect

But, the bottle will break
Shattered by some greater power
With it our hearts no longer ache 
Finally our love can devour

We’ve built a life on the ashes of what has come before 
Where we can at last sit, liberated for evermore

“Imprisoned Within His Trunk” — Natalie Capretto ’19

Rosy cheeked girl, bouquet of black eyes
Bound to live within the confines of a tree trunk.
Enclosed in the wood,
Smothering smell of pine.
My life in his trunk, imprisoned.
Innocent from the outside,
Where it appears to provide shelter for lives.
A fruit bearer, an endless resource.
However, it wears a disguise. From the inside,
I am trapped.
I am unable to confess my feelings,
Unable to express myself, unable to freely do as I choose.
This imprisonment, is not confining my imagination.
To be free from within is to free my love and soul.
It will give me the power and strength to truncate his control over me.

“Drooling” — Max Minard ’20

‘>The words slip from her lips like drool,
,>Gathering at her chin,
            Around each other,
o    To rest in the pools of forgotten phrases.

      We bypass these with little but disgust
      <,        As our mouths continue to froth,
       .         Each drop
       o        With the senseless sewage.

;>Slowly her salival sequence rises into spiteful spittle.
The song of her voice gradually fluctuates upward
In anger,

~>Her words splash into me
Each syllable
#          Sizzling
My skin.
Like acid rain, the vowels
-           Pelt
Upon my person.
The consonants continue
Craters in my chest.

<*A silent liquid from my eyes meets these assaults,
“*”     shining,
          As it dribbles past
*( _ ) My tightened cheeks and
         To cower in
0       The dismal pool of words.

~~~~ Her words are flooding me,
The letters racing through my swelling throat.

/    \      Geyser of Words
Will drown me.

Then the tide pulls back,
Finally as she slams the door.

              I am left a melted pile of wax
                  soaking in the murky depths

“It’s Time to Break the Wall” — Eliyah Roberts ’20

We just gotta make it to the common ground that we all desire
So let me rise out the nest, like a Phoenix out of fire
Let me crack the whip, until it’s broken into pieces
Let the crack ring, until we all learn what peace is
To bring peace means to really bring equality
The system finds the truth then they punch us with reality
Intentionally knowing the wall we're trying to break
Seeing the IC3 is more than my heart can take
The chains all over him, the guts and no glory
But we fought and killed like the Black Panther Party 
We spoke like Maya Angelou, and sang like Diana Ross 
We argued like Marshall, and danced like Stephen Boss
We now rose the sheets that hid us from the crowd 
They said “Your skin is too dark” 
Well “I’m black and I’m proud” 
Black eyes, Big hair, Blue eyes, White lies
It's like we live in the same room but sleep on different sides

But if we take the time to learn about the true stories of black history
Maybe we can break the chains that weigh us down into our own misery

Summer ’99 — Anonymous

you remember Summer ‘99?
empty barn and field of unpicked fruit
the sea a wink and knowing smile.
said, “Those kids, right there, will never leave.”
though The Island washed away,
no more can we play, those days remain.

older and only memories remain.
is time; it gives me 99
most unfixable. Away
the kid who knew the sea and fruit
so well. Oh, well. We had to leave.
takes everything sometimes to smile.

days on The Island I would smile
the rusty water pump, a remain
families past. All the kids would leave
water running. Then, we’d find 99
to catch starlight in our palms, while Fruit
Perfume lingered, then wafted away.

those kids are good and gone away.
to college goes the eldest, his smile
but lacking youth. The fruit,
now is eaten, but his shells remain,
in brown boxes, 99
counting. Now what’s left to do? Leave.

know by now that it was hard to leave.
ocean’s image can’t be taken away
us, it’s blue ingrained. 99
songs forever playing in me. I smile
forget that it’s gone. The only remain
innocence left, now bitter fruit.

of our loss of youth, the fruit
grows on the trees. We had to leave,
but memories and stars remain.
matter if the storm forced us away;
keeps The Island safe… so, smile.
you remember Summer ‘99?

don’t leave, oh please! Don’t go away.
smell of fruit and easy urge to smile
remain of Summer ‘99.

“I Am From” — Ariel Rockman ’19

I am from a chance meeting on a singles' cruise
Where a storm created a romance
I am from Springfield, NJ,
Where the houses smelled of conformity
I am from spices and masala chai
Where no shoes are allowed in the temples

I am from questions
“Really, you’re half Indian?”
Followed by expressions of disbelief
I am from hugs and laughter
Bad days are always better with comedy
I am from the smell of rain on pavement
Because Pittsburgh is my home

I am from Play-Doh and unicorns
Where anything is possible
I am from dolls with magical hair
Who wait patiently for me after school
I am from Spongebob and Harry Potter
Even when no Hogwarts letter came

I am from books and metal music
Which go together like tea and cake
I am from my friends
Because friends are the ones who choose to love you
I am from all my experiences
The present is created by the past

“Agonizing Peace” — Steven Liu ’22

Leaves fall from a tree of life
Onto the glass-like water.
With each slight ripple,
Tremble and shake from pain.
The gray sky drizzles with rain,
Dance on the motionless boat.

Enter the featherweight boat
Emptiness transforms into life.
Teeming life in refreshing rain
Disrupts the glossy water.
While we prepare for pain,
The stiff oars create ripples.

The leaves can feel the ripples
Rocking the graceful black boat.
A barge sounds a noise of pain.
Disrupt the peaceful life
With the bitter water
And the endless fall of rain.

Was it the downpour of rain?
Or the startling ripples?
Now rush the freezing water.
Fish surround the empty boat.
Stop the flow of time and life,
Save that instant, forever rowing.

Once more, all flows like water.
Learn to ignore the pain.
Just one more day in a boat.
The invigorating rain
Returns and creates ripples.
We dock and continue life.

This is all I know of pain.
Soon, winter will freeze the rain,
And snow will impede all life.
The cold will freeze all ripples
And also the metal boat.
Yet we stay with the water.