“It’s Time to Break the Wall” — Eliyah Roberts ’20

We just gotta make it to the common ground that we all desire
So let me rise out the nest, like a Phoenix out of fire
Let me crack the whip, until it’s broken into pieces
Let the crack ring, until we all learn what peace is
To bring peace means to really bring equality
The system finds the truth then they punch us with reality
Intentionally knowing the wall we're trying to break
Seeing the IC3 is more than my heart can take
The chains all over him, the guts and no glory
But we fought and killed like the Black Panther Party 
We spoke like Maya Angelou, and sang like Diana Ross 
We argued like Marshall, and danced like Stephen Boss
We now rose the sheets that hid us from the crowd 
They said “Your skin is too dark” 
Well “I’m black and I’m proud” 
Black eyes, Big hair, Blue eyes, White lies
It's like we live in the same room but sleep on different sides

But if we take the time to learn about the true stories of black history
Maybe we can break the chains that weigh us down into our own misery