The 2023-2024 Midyear Issue

While the process of creating this midyear issue of The Egerian seemed daunting in the beginning, there was joy in the process of learning something new and collaborating with others. I am continuously reminded of how wonderful and supportive others are. Teamwork with Nina Onest (’25) made the compiling and editing process of the submissions far easier and more fun; Mr. Hogan’s continuous guidance and helpful reminders made sure that the creation of this lovely issue flowed smoothly.

One last thing: people’s imaginations and creativity never fail to surprise, or for a few pieces in this issue’s case, horrify me (in a good way). There’s such a wide range of topics in this issue’s collection of fiction and poetry; they span from poems about winter snow to prose about reality. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the pieces and maybe you’ll discover something new.

— Audrey Jiang ’25

Short Stories:

“Deadwood Dalton” – Caden Green ’24

“Angels in America” – Jinny Guo ’24

“An Imperfect Firefighter” – Deven Nahata ’24

“The Fire Fades” – Rocco Bristow ’25

Flash Fiction Horror Stories:

“Pumpkin Patch” – Gretchen Chalmers ’24

“Anniversary” – Will Krofchik ’24

“The Johnsons” – Abril Linares-Mendoza ’24

“Excerpt” – Özge Ada Uzman ’27


“See The Glistening Snow” – Anonymous

“A Christmas Poem” – Rhyley Bendel ’26

“Sunset” – Samraj Delfyett ’26

“In Tempest Crimson, Bleed Your Spirit High” – Ryan Huang ’26

“Apple Slices” – Audrey Jiang ’25

“There Is Nothing But A Shout” – Diya Shrishrimal ’26

Header art by Sophia Jho ’24

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