“Spring Rain” – Rhyley Bendel ’26

April Spring Poem Writing Competition Winner!

Another Wednesday I wake before the sun
Battered rooftops, the wind a gentle hush
The rain is on the same schedule too

Through the window, brake lights glare
Blinding in the dampened shadow
Of this newborn day

Umbrella in hand I’m prepared to brave
The sweet, fresh artillery
Of the pouring rain

A moment too soon I step out the door
My umbrella not up, my head exposed
To innocent threat I somehow created

How silly of me to have such apprehension
What story I created of beastly conditions
Why must I always fear my reality?

Soft and light, a sprinkle of rebirth
A tender chill on the first warm morning
Welcoming me into the earth

Manipulated by custom I open my umbrella
Head dry, ankles glossed
I return to artificial comfort

Safe inside, a droplet lingers
An intense sensation I cannot quite escape
My skin is dry.

Through the window brake lights blush
Barely detectable through the fractured light
Of this so called day

I embrace the world once again
Crystal blue skies welcome me now
How regretful it is to miss the first spring rain