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“There Is Nothing But A Shout” – Diya Shrishrimal ’26

There is nothing but a shout 
Grasping and gaping for the shrill 
Though it tends to be the one foot out 

The House shivers and doubts 
Motor is running yet still, 
There is nothing but a shout 

Why is it that we make a route 
To resume the sunken search of will 
Though it tends to be one the foot out 

And the impudent, overbearing crowd 
For them a hollow play until,  
There is nothing but a shout 

So then, the wild look to scout 
Aiming and aiming to fulfill 
Though it tends to be the one foot out 

Though there is silence throughout 
In the House, a loud souvenir  
There is nothing but a shout 
Though it tends to be the one foot out 

“Apple Slices” – Audrey Jiang ’25

Apples on a pure porcelain plate
Taste sweeter and crisper
Coming from your knife
Without fail.

Sister got stitches from
Pushing the blade far too hard
Into the apple core.
Slice, slice 
So it slivers the apple and her hand.
All she wanted
Was that taste, while
She watches the apple-skin-colored blood
Drip, drip down.
Sister never liked
Green apples anyway.

I saw slices on my desk
Without fail,
Every night.
I see your smile
Without fail,
Almost every night.
I saw neither,
After our screams.
They stick in the air
And stare into my red core.
Yet, the silence afterward
is what stings
The most.

But the apples returned
On their pure porcelain plate
On my desk,
After the morning arose
Accompanied by an

“In Tempest Crimson, Bleed Your Spirit High” – Ryan Huang ’26

In tempest crimson, bleed your spirits high
Upon the wall, a canvas, to be red
A dye of perfect hue drained from my thigh
A gift of slumber, freedom from your head

A scream, unrestrained, let the echoes fly
In laughter's dance, a playful, fraught supply
Release the shackles, don't in silence lie
The sound, a masterpiece into my eye

My heart deranged, my soul fell in the night
In life's grand fabric, soon to woven ties
The laughter fades, as dusk in sunset light
Yet echoes linger, where the bleeding lies

So bleed, scream, laugh, the human cries
This dark art, I take with me to the skies

“Sunset” – Samraj Delfyett ’26

our sun gives gifts that shine bright and persist
but now takes leave and will succumb to shade
its last glimmer surrounds me in a mist
that, too, will quickly dry; away it fades

horizon steals the star in ruthless ways,
indignant, for he cannot know of life
now robbed of light, we're obscured in a maze
of walls, which hold our heartbreak, loss, and strife

the light is fading from my yearning eyes
the world around me dies and grows so cold
this brittle smile, and adequate disguise
for jagged, futile heart that once was gold.

as Sisyphus was bound atop his hill
my lamp grows feeble; man has lost his will

A Christmas Poem” – Rhyley Bendel ’26

Laughter and voices drown out the carols
A warm glow lights a place hidden from the snow
A match flicks and lights a wick's fire
The room fills with the aroma of needles
It lurks and finds those in apple-colored sweaters
Delightful pine soon enters their nose
Children have snot dripping from their nose
They run in, changing the words to classic carols
While specks stick to their sweaters
They debate going back to the snow
But their feet tingle with pins and needles
They opt to let their toes warm by the fire
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Elves sing along as they weave their needles
To the wise words of Nat King Cole's Christmas carols
They prepare at the sign of the first snow
For endless months of making sweaters
Families sit with knees tucked under sweaters
Sipping hot cocoa fresh off the fire
They look out the window at their man made of snow
Laughing as a deer bites at its carrot nose
Someone finds a vinyl with an album full of carols
They pull out the record player and position the needle

“See The Glistening Snow” – Anonymous

Walkin' around, frost from your breath as we go
Watching all the delicate snowflakes fall
Look at the trees, see the glistening snow

Ice on the streams, the water no longer flows
Forever I can still hear your quiet call
Walkin' around, frost from your breath as we go

Through the dead branches, the sun can still glow
Countless snow angels on the ground, a sprawl
Look at the trees, see the glistening snow

Smilin' so peacefully at the serene tableau
Feelin' so small every time we see it all
Walkin' around, frost from your breath as we go

Stay out in the cold, despite all we know
Out getting caught in quite the snowy squall
Look at the trees, see the glistening snow

Icicles dangling from trees all in rows
Wrapped up together in a warming shawl
Walkin' around, frost from your breath as we go
Look at the trees, see the glistening snow