“Hero’s Epigraph” – Kyle Delisma ’26

In Shadows deep, the cruel cycle of death turns,
Bound by the shackles of death, perseveres,
A haunting echo of relentless night,
Menacing circles in a web untamed,
As titans loom, colossal and so stark,
Their presence veils the truth, a world estranged.

Within the confinement of the walls, humanity estranged,
Their fear ignites as fate relentlessly turns,
The Titans’ wrath, a force unsettling, stark,
A cycle born from fear, strife perseveres,
In every heart, a struggle left untamed,
Their hope, a flicker in the darkest night

Eldians verse Marleyans, locked in endless night,
History’s burdens keep them so estranged,
Their shared suffering, emotions left untamed,
The past’s weight on fate’s persistent turn,
These paths, how far and wide they persevere,
A stalemate conflict standing strong and stark.

Hero’s resolve, a mission grim and stark,
A desire to be free of endless night,
To shatter chains; where sorrow thus perseveres
To bridge the gap of races so estranged,
Against Freedom’s sake, how it fiercely turns.