“I Am From” — Ariel Rockman ’19

I am from a chance meeting on a singles' cruise
Where a storm created a romance
I am from Springfield, NJ,
Where the houses smelled of conformity
I am from spices and masala chai
Where no shoes are allowed in the temples

I am from questions
“Really, you’re half Indian?”
Followed by expressions of disbelief
I am from hugs and laughter
Bad days are always better with comedy
I am from the smell of rain on pavement
Because Pittsburgh is my home

I am from Play-Doh and unicorns
Where anything is possible
I am from dolls with magical hair
Who wait patiently for me after school
I am from Spongebob and Harry Potter
Even when no Hogwarts letter came

I am from books and metal music
Which go together like tea and cake
I am from my friends
Because friends are the ones who choose to love you
I am from all my experiences
The present is created by the past