A Christmas Poem” – Rhyley Bendel ’26

Laughter and voices drown out the carols
A warm glow lights a place hidden from the snow
A match flicks and lights a wick's fire
The room fills with the aroma of needles
It lurks and finds those in apple-colored sweaters
Delightful pine soon enters their nose
Children have snot dripping from their nose
They run in, changing the words to classic carols
While specks stick to their sweaters
They debate going back to the snow
But their feet tingle with pins and needles
They opt to let their toes warm by the fire
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Elves sing along as they weave their needles
To the wise words of Nat King Cole's Christmas carols
They prepare at the sign of the first snow
For endless months of making sweaters
Families sit with knees tucked under sweaters
Sipping hot cocoa fresh off the fire
They look out the window at their man made of snow
Laughing as a deer bites at its carrot nose
Someone finds a vinyl with an album full of carols
They pull out the record player and position the needle