“The Johnsons” – Abril Linares Mendoza ’24

The Johnsons lived on 111 Bridgeway Lane. Mr. Johnson worked at the bank. Mrs. Johnson stayed at home to cook delicious dinners. Annie loved to sing and dance, and little Timmy could not stay out of trouble at school! When walking by their house, one could often see Mr. Johnson mowing the lawn, smiling and waving at the townsfolk passing by. Or Annie and little Timmy, chasing each other on the porch, laughing as they always did. The Johnsons exemplified kindness, generosity, and all the values of Harmstead town. Everyone loved the Johnsons!

Then, the Griffins moved in next door at 112 Bridgeway Lane, four days before Halloween. On Monday, Mrs. Johnson invited Mrs. Griffin over to bake pies together. Mrs. Johnson tried Mrs. Griffin’s pie and decided that it tasted better than hers. In fear their husbands would prefer Mrs. Griffin’s apple pie over her pumpkin pie, she used the kitchen mixer to ensure Mrs. Griffin would never bake again. She stored Mrs. Griffin’s body in the basement. 

On Tuesday, Mr. Johnson was mowing the lawn with the lawn mower he had bought just two years before. It ran smoothly and was an important part of his look as a caring suburban father whenever people walked by. Mr. Griffin came out to mow his lawn with the lawn mower he had bought one year prior. He wondered if his wife had stayed over at the Johnsons after baking so he went over to talk to Mr. Johnson. As Mr. Griffin bragged about its speed and engine, Mr. Johnson decided he did not want to hear about his better lawn mower and ran him over with his. He stored Mr. Griffin’s body in the basement, next to Mrs. Griffin. 

On Wednesday, Annie arrived at her favorite class first period: chemistry. When the teacher asked the class a question, Annie raised her hand first but Lilly Griffin got called on instead. After class, Annie invited Lilly over to her house. Lilly immediately said yes because her parents had not returned from that trip they had decided to take spontaneously without telling anyone. That afternoon, Annie gave Lilly a drink with some chemicals she had taken from class. Annie tried storing Lilly’s body in the basement, but it was too heavy so she asked her dad for help. Lilly was placed next to Mr. Griffin. 

On Thursday, little Henry was without any supervision on the playground. Little Henry pushed little Timmy on the playground, so little Timmy pushed little Henry down the stairs to his basement, storing his body next to Lilly’s. 

On Friday, it was Halloween. The Johnsons always had the best decorations in town. As families approached their house to trick or treat, they saw that the Johnsons had decorated their front yard with fake body parts. The Johnsons had placed fake hands, arms, and eyes around their porch and lawn. Everyone marveled at their hard work and dedication to make such realistic decorations. Everyone loved the Johnsons!