“Elephants” – Tyler Marotta ’24

The elephant:
Africa’s largest, most triumphant
Land animal.

Trekking across the plains,
Rattling the Earth,
Captivating man. Even
Their ancestral tracks

Lay hardened- a remnant
Of their enduring power.
The alpha bull:
His tusks marked and muddy,
Yet the purest white-

A battled-hardened beast
Of breathtaking brilliance.
Momma sprays herself
At the nearby lake. Her
Radiant majesty glistening
Against the serene Savannah sun.

Finally, the youngsters:
Wrestling, toppling in the mud; unaware
Of their command of the Kingdom.
How can these rambunctious
Rascals grow into

Revered giants? Similarly,
The infant into man?
The most awe-inspiring

Of God’s creations connected
By their youthful