“At The Pond” — Eliana Gagnon ’19

Hand in hand, steps in sync, we skipped towards the moss encrusted pond.
As Lily pads surfaced, frogs followed suit, springing effortlessly to and fro.
From the iridescent waters, we could glimpse at Nature’s Medusa,
Her marigold rays shooting out of her spherical edges.
And beneath the draped vines of Weeping Willows
Were an assortment of stones turned steps.
The three of us, with picnic baskets and checkered blankets,
Bounded towards the edge of the crystal pond.


Suddenly, I felt the weight of two stiff palms
Jolt my shoulder blades towards the shades of Aegean.
While desperate whispers emerged from behind,
My eyelid veins were engulfed by saline tears.
Between blurred pupils, I saw their smugly pursed lips.
Hands I had once held- plunging my face towards desolate depths.

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