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“After the Blazes of the Smoky Night” – Deepa Kadidahl ’19

After the blazes of the smoky night
They wailed and bargained in the endless dark
When will they smile again with sheer delight?

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The smoke rises from the forest at the breaking of daylight
I crave about home, but the roaring waves have left their mark
I ask, “is it over yet, that evil, daunting night?”


She relived the moment, when her heart shattered with fright
She could see it in her dreams, the instant that it sparked
When will she smile again with sheer delight?


He held onto his mother so tight
The difference now is utterly stark
He asks, “is it over yet, that evil, daunting night?”


You wonder when life will go back to being right
You remember the simple things, the songs of the larks
When will you smile again with sheer delight?


With a fire in our hearts, our fears take flight
Our bargaining ends, our unity is marked
When will we smile again with sheer delight?
We ask, “is it over yet, that evil, daunting night?”